Featured Angel Artist:Lindsay king

1.Tell us a little bit about you and how you got started?

Like so many other photographers, I started shooting when I was just a kid. My mom is beautifully talented in her own rights as a photographer and spent time teaching me to photograph and develop film in our in-house darkroom. I never knew how special that time was or how much it would impact me as an adult, but I am so grateful to her for teaching me a skill that I would fall in love with over and over again for the rest of my life.


  1. What is your favourite subject to photograph?

I photograph people of all ages; I can’t imagine photographing a subject without emotion so I think I will always remain a portrait photographer.



  1. Do you have a favourite action, overlay or plugin that you like to use?

I’ve tired so many over the years but in the end, I like creating my own actions best so that my style is strictly from my own heart and mind. I love knowing how I’ll process an image WHILE I am in the process of photographing it, I think that’s easiest done with using my own post processing.


  1. How do you like working with our backdrops?

Angel Kissed Backdrops are my ABSOLUTE favorite. Not only are they easy to use and wrinkle free, but also the variety in the designs is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. Annette takes the time to create theses incredible backdrop sets that are second to none, and its what keeps me coming back time and again!


  1. What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is to be seen. I am always keeping my heart and mind open to what God’s plan is for my life, and so far I’m really enjoying the ride!


Lindsay King

Featured Angel Artist: Cyndi Hornsby

“I was so excited to find Angel Kissed Backdrop Designs and couldn’t wait to order and put it in use. The backdrops are made with a heavy fabric which doesn’t wrinkle and easily transported since I work mainly on location. The designs are breath taking and capture the attention of my clients. The photographic realism is just what I needed to bring my paintings to life.”
Cyndi Hornsby

CYNDI HORNSBY is an award-winning artist, specializing in Fine Art Photography and Digital Paintings. “I strive to capture the spirit of the soul. I see the soul of each personality through the eyes and body gestures, which is why I am not so concerned to always capture a big wide smile. If the smile is very real for the child, then I’ll capture it. But it is the eyes tell the true story. Always.”

To see more of her amazing work please find her here:


Hornsby earned her B.A. from The University of Alabama in Huntsville. She has garnered Photographer of the Year, Kodak Gallery and Best of Show honors, along with more than a dozen first place awards for her children’s portraits. In addition to her photography work, Hornsby has been an illustrator in Nashville, TN and owned a two-story historical studio in Huntsville, AL.

Though she had enjoyed photography as a hobby since she can remember as well as pursued studies in art education, it was the adoption of her daughter from Russia which inspired Hornsby to create artwork for others. “I already had the art education and throughout my life had enjoyed photography as a hobby since I can remember,” Hornsby says. “I couldn’t put down the camera once I had my daughter. She was adopted at the age of eight months and she has no photos of herself as an infant before she was adopted. I realized the importance of documenting those memories and what an important role I could have in the lives of others which would give me so much pleasure.”

Hornsby is very passionate about capturing emotion, beauty and light to illustrate a story. Her love for these themes as well as incorporating harmonizing colors was rooted from a childhood filled with love, compassion, trust and fun. “The concept of my work began as a child growing up in the rural town of Arab, Al. I had a beautiful childhood filled with treasured memories and roots from a very supportive community of friends and family. My town was focused on the love of family, children and animals. We played outdoors all day, went swimming in natural springs, played baseball in the pastures, rode our bicycles until night fall, ran barefoot and played in streams. We always had friends and family to gather with.”

Through the years, Hornsby has developed a vintage-inspired style with a southern flair and her photographs have been described to be dreamy. “I seek beauty in every setting that I enter. I see light and emotion, and then a story emerges. I am in constant visualization of seeing the world in front of me as a painting before the shutter clicks.”

She delights in photographing children and their childhood memories in the most natural setting possible. “I enjoy creating works of art with children, which is my specialty, because they have a story that they don’t mind the world seeing. They are expressive and comfortable just being themselves, so they do not wait to be posed nor do they want be.” Occasionally, sessions are created in the studio but in working with children, Hornsby prefers to hold her photo sessions outdoors, especially if they have pets. She asks clients to search for their favorite location then a theme is discussed before the photo session is held. While she admits that “it isn’t easy to throw myself onto any and all locations,” through practice, she has found that it “actually aids creativity and I am never bored with shooting at the same location.”

While clients and locations may change, Hornsby’s ultimate goal for each session is always the same: “I live to surprise others with showing them what I saw and something they didn’t even know was there.”

Hornsby currently operates from her home studio and schedules on location shoots across her hometown area of Arab, AL.

Cyndi Hornsby

Featured Angel Artist: Kristan Moreland

I remember when I bought Avas birthday outfits admiring your photography set ups and thinking wow I want to emulate this. Then I heard you were coming out with your set ups! I recognized them instantly from your photos I was like OMG my dreams have come true Haha. Honestly I love photography but the backdrops that are out there now are really all the same and I was becoming a bit bored, and now I feel EXCITED to do photoshoots again and its been a while since I felt excited and inspired.

Kristan Moreland