Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, once shipped we will send you a tracking number.

We can add to your order if it is done within one hour of placing it.

All our drops are custom orders so unless our printer is out of stock of materials this is not a usual circumstance.

Shipping costs vary depending on your order starting at $15 US .You can qualify for free shipping depending on the size of your order.

We ship anywhere UPS and USPS ships. Costs vary for international shipping.

No once it has shipped we can’t change it.

We accept all forms of payment that PayPal accepts which includes Visa, MasterCard, American express, Discover cards, and E-cheque.

We aim to have sales 4 times a year, watch our FB page for upcoming announcements of sales @

100% polyester heavyweight material with a soft, knapped backing. Dye-sublimation printing gives it a brilliant, colorfast image while still making it washable/dryable. Since it is made for photography, image surface has a non-glare matte finish.

As a professional you have to decide what best suit your needs for the clients you service. For example if you shoot specifically small children birthdays, special occasions a 60×80 double-sided drop would suit your needs. Larger groupings of clients would be best accommodated with the larger drops.

We don’t have any inventory all our backdrops are custom order for each client.

Our backdrops can be put in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. They often just fall out when hung for a while or a cool iron on a polyester setting will work also.

It is 100% polyester making it washable/dryable…. a cold-water setting is suggested with dryer on medium to low.

Drops can easily hang by just pinning or tacking them to the wall space you are using. You can also buy or make a frame/stand and hang them with clips or the 10×10’s and 8×10’s all have a sewn in pole pocket to easily hang on a frame.

From the time your order is submitted to our printer standard is 3-5 business days this is shipping location dependent. This does change during the printers busy season (Mid – November to Mid December) and is closer to 8-14 days

Our 60×80’s are our most popular size for photographers who work with small children .The backdrop is printed with images on both sides so you have 2 “sets” on one drop therefore they must be order in pairs